Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Team

The Ministry of Listening and Prayer, Practical Pastoral Care, the Nursing Home Ministry, Lay Eucharistic Visits, and Choral Visits – these are the ministries represented on the Pastoral Care Team. The Rev. Michael Hiller serves as point person for the pastoral care program. Requests for visits or calls may also be made to any member of the team:

  • The Rev. Michael Hiller
  • Jan Robitscher
  • Gregory Willmore
  • Gwen Gaynor
  • Jerry Walker
  • Anna Weidman
  • Jeff Armbruster
  • Barbara Koerber
  • Mary Lawrence Hicks

If you are interested in joining this ministry please contact Mary Lawrence Hicks.

The Ministry of Listening and Prayer:

Provides visits and phone calls to parishioners who are experiencing a short or long term medical problem, an emotional or spiritual crisis (or all of these). Some visits include the Eucharist (brought by either a member of the clergy or a Lay Eucharistic Visitor).

Practical Pastoral Care:

Is our program for providing practical assistance such as rides to medical provider appointments and meals during a challenging time (i.e. a new medical diagnosis, a death in the family, or the birth of a baby).

Convalescent Home Ministry

On the first Sunday of the month, a St. Mark’s group visits Berkeley Pines Nursing Home to conduct a short service, with piano and/or harp music. The Eucharist is served at this service. Stockings with a stuffed animal and baskets with toiletries are distributed to the residents and staff members of the Berkeley Pines at Christmas and Easter.