Living God's Love – A Christian Community with the Heart of a Lion

Welcome to St. Mark’s

We’re glad you have found us. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome to be a part of our parish life. Find out more by visiting us on a Sunday morning and staying for the coffee hour and reception that generally follows.  Explore the other areas of this website and talk with us.

The traditional symbol of St. Mark is the Lion, and living up to the spirit of the Lion is a challenge that our community takes seriously..

The St. Mark’s community celebrates God’s inclusive love. If you feel a connection with Christ you are welcome to come to the altar for Communion or a Blessing.  Our worship pages give a description of our Sunday services.  The service uses a large number of books — a prayer book, and three hymnals. Even long-term members can get lost flipping between books, so feel free to ask someone else for help

Founded in 1877, St. Mark’s is built on a tradition of meaningful worship, service to others, and lively intellectual discussion about the purpose of our lives. St. Mark’s is a part of the Berkeley community, and deeply involved in service to the homeless and to each other.

At St. Mark’s you’ll find:

A warm and welcoming group of people who enjoy fellowship  and are engaged in spiritual discovery and liturgical worship. Our rector provides spiritual and liturgical leadership to the community.

An intellectually engaged and inquiring congregation. Following the Sunday liturgy, St. Mark’s generally hosts 45-minute forum discussions on a wide variety of topics.

An outstanding music program with a renowned choir that offers a broad range of anthems and motets from the classical and contemporary repertoire and leads robust congregational singing. Looking to sing? This is the place for you.

A congregation committed to social service, including services at a local convalescent home, the preparation of meals for youths at a Berkeley shelter and the provision of a monthly dinner to homeless adults. We also offer our facilities for use by a youth clinic and emergency shelter and maintain a regular program of outreach giving.

A rich children’s Sunday School program that uses the Godly Play curriculum, a Montessori-based, hands-on approach that allows our children to have fun learning Bible stories.

Opportunities to participate in all aspects of congregational life.