Flentrop Organ

Flentrop Organ

The King of Instruments

The organ, built in 1971 and expanded in 2002, is a notable work by the Dutch firm D.A. Flentrop, one of the pioneers of the Organ Reform Movement in the United States and a builder of landmark instruments for St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, Duke University Chapel, and the National Concert Hall in Taipei. The 2002 expansion involved the addition of several ranks to the pedal division and a revoicing of the organ to adjust for the new oak flooring that was installed in the church.

According to a spring 2008 article in San Francisco Classical Voice, St. Mark’s Flentrop is one of the top ten instruments in the Bay Area.


Manual I (Hoofdwerk)

Prestant 8′
Roerfluit 8′
Octaaf 4′
Speelfluit 4′
Octaaf 2′
Mixtuur IIII
Dulciaan 8

Manual II (Borstwerk)

Gedekt 8′
Koppelfluit 4′
Gemshoorn 2′
Flageolet 1 1/3′
Sesquialter II


Subbas 16′
Prestant 8′
Bourdon 8′
Octaaf 4′
Quintadeen 4′
Fagot 16′
Schalmey 8′