Social Groups

Young Adults Group

St. Mark’s has a vibrant group of young adults, who gather regularly to share meals, attend movies, play games, and volunteer together around the Bay Area.  We are also an integral part of worship services and the overall St. Mark’s community. For more information, please contact our fearless leader, Becky Blessing.

Bridge Club

The Bridge Club meets on most Wednesdays from 5:30 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. The group plays a thirty-year-old version of Goren called “noontime bridge.” As soon as four players arrive the game starts, and we add more tables of players as needed. We bring our own snacks. It’s all informal and the idea is to enjoy the game. Some players are very good and others are learning. It’s exciting to see the renewed interest in this great game. The emphasis is on a good time. Contact June at for more information.

Opera Lovers Group

Opera Lovers is a broad community-based group, which includes St Mark’s parishioners. They attend Met Live opera performances which are shown on Saturday mornings at Theater AMC in Emeryville.

One of the group arrives early to save seats for those who have indicated that they want to attend.  During the second intermission the group shares a picnic.

To get tickets, go to
click on the date of the opera
click on time and follow the sequence

If you plan to attend, sit with the group, and participate in the picnic, contact Barbara Koerber:(; 510-655-0983).