St. Mark's Episcopal Church

Celebrating God's Inclusive Love


We're glad you have found us. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome to be a part of our parish life. St. Mark's is known for its Sunday choral liturgy and its commitment to education, social ministry, and community.

Upcoming Special Services

In addition to our regular Sunday 8am in-person and 10am in-person and livestreamed services, we offer liturgically special services on various feast days and other occasions throughout the year.

Click here for a schedule of all services, including weekday Eucharists, from Palm Sunday on April 2nd through Easter on April 9th:

Schedule for Holy Week


On Sundays, please join us in person at 8 AM in the chapel, 10 AM in the nave, or tune into our Facebook Livestream at 10am PST to participate virtually.

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