Spoken Word

Supporting the Liturgy of the Word

Spoken Word meets the 1st Tuesday of the month 6:30p-8p.  We are involved with the presentation of  liturgical texts and Biblical narratives in ways that embody their meaning and deepen experience.  This includes coaching Lectors who read Old and New Testament Lessons at services, selecting and training readers for Lessons and Carols at Advent, and during Holy Week, narrating the Passion and reciting poetry.  For more information contact Judith Berling.



Poetry, Plays, and Readings

Spoken Word also offers other performances, such as poetry, selections from novels, children’s stories, scenes from plays, staged readings and full plays. During Lent 2016 Spoken Word’s Lenten Players presented two semi-staged Pageants from the York cycle, The Fall of Man and The Baptism of Christ.  We have also presented a staged reading of the play Paul, an Advent selection of Marian Poems by Thomas Merton, a full staging of the Second Shepherds’ Play from the York mystery cycle, selections from The Screwtape Letters, and a reading of the Worst Christmas Ever.  In Barbara’s Living Room, in honor of Barbara Oliver, we staged eight scenes taken from the Spoken Word founder’s favorite plays.

Sharing the Holy Spirit Through Art

Spoken Word engages our community in reflection and dialogue.  Our hope is to choose and present works that involve all of us in questions and issues that deepen our understanding and guide us on our spiritual journeys.