Music Office Renovation

Renewing the St. Mark's Music Office

It has been perhaps more than 50 years since the last time the music office was worked on. Over the past year, members of the choir began discussing how to honor our Music Director’s 25 years of distinguished service to the parish. A much-needed renewal of the space he uses as an office was agreed on by all as an effective way to honor his legacy and to invest in the future of the music ministry at St. Mark’s.

A Time to Break Down and a Time to Build Up

The project to renovate the music office needed the financial support of members of the parish, and a fundraising call was sent out. Members responded enthusiastically to the call, and we are well on our way to reaching our goal. In the past month, volunteers from the choir have generously offered their time to help Music Director George Emblom pack up the contents of his office. Over the course of four days, furniture, music, documents, were boxed up and moved to the stage in the parish hall.

Reimagining the Future of Music at St. Mark's

Longtime parish member Scott Sullivan has generously donated his time and talents towards conceiving and designing this renovation project. In addition to much-needed repairs to the basic structure of the office, he will reimagine how this space can best be a space used to support the music ministry.

Supporting the Music Ministry

While many people have contributed to the fundraising call, helping us make significant progress towards our goal, we still need your help! Please consider making a financial contribution to renewing the worship and music of St. Mark’s. Donations can be made by clicking the “Donate” button below and selecting “Music Office Remodel:1117” from the “Purpose” drop-down menu.